2024 Sales Tax Rates Database By ZIP Code and City

Complete sales tax rate databases, ready-to-use for your business application. Updated July 2024

SalesTaxHandbook can provide an extensive database of state and local sales tax rates, for Virginia and every other state, regularly updated every month from each state's Department of Revenue.

Our sales tax database includes the latest sales tax rates, broken down by city, county, and zip code, a breakdown of how the total sales tax rate is distributed among the various local taxing jurisdictions, plus useful demographic data, all prepared in Excel and database compatible CSV format. You can purchase a downloadable copy of our database for any or all states here.

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You can either order a one-time download of the sales tax database you need, or save by subscribing to receive our updated database on a monthly basis. You will receive your data immediately via email, and our support staff are here to help you if you have any questions or issues with your order.

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Here's a sample of the Virginia sales tax database (please scroll to see all data fields):

ZipCode State County NormalizedCounty City NormalizedCity TaxRegionName NormalizedTaxRegionName CombinedRate StateRate CountyRate CityRate SpecialRate EstimatedPopulation Year Month
20101 VA LOUDOUN COUNTY loudoun-county DULLES dulles LOUDOUN loudoun 6 4.3 1 0 0.7 0 2024 7
20102 VA LOUDOUN COUNTY loudoun-county DULLES dulles LOUDOUN loudoun 6 4.3 1 0 0.7 0 2024 7
20103 VA LOUDOUN COUNTY loudoun-county DULLES dulles LOUDOUN loudoun 6 4.3 1 0 0.7 0 2024 7
20104 VA LOUDOUN COUNTY loudoun-county DULLES dulles LOUDOUN loudoun 6 4.3 1 0 0.7 0 2024 7
20105 VA LOUDOUN COUNTY loudoun-county ALDIE aldie LOUDOUN loudoun 6 4.3 1 0 0.7 9002 2024 7

You can also download an example of the database

Frequently Asked Questions:

What data is included in the sales tax dataset, and how often is it updated?
Our dataset includes sales tax rates for all local sales tax jurisdictions at state, county, city, and district levels, broken down by 5-digit ZIP code. The dataset also includes useful demographic information about each jurisdiction, including location fields, tax demographics, and estimated population. We update the tax rates in our databases on a monthly basis from each state's tax authorities. The latest data will generally be published within the first 1-4 business days of each month.

Can I use this data to calculate sales taxes for my business or eCommerce application?
Our database includes all current local and state sales taxes broken down by ZIP code, as well as tax jurisdiction. Our data is compatible with eCommerce applications such as Woocommerce. However, we encourage you to understand that ZIP codes aren't always aligned perfectly with municipal or county boundaries. Especially in states with complicated local and special taxation districts, different portions of a single zip code can actually be in multiple jurisdictions. We strongly encourage that you do due diligence in verifying all taxation issues with the relevant local taxing jurisdictions.

How will I receive the sales tax database I order?
We process credit card payments securely via Stripe, and once your order has been received you will automatically be sent the database your requested, as well as supplemental information, to the email you provide. The data file will also be downloaded in your browser.

If you request monthly updates, you will have constant access to download the latest data files via a special URL, and you will also receive a monthly email with the latest dataset. This URL is also available to our subscribers on their user dashboard. If you have made a one-time purchase, you can view your purchase history on this page as well.

You can contact us at any time if you did not receive the data you requested, to cancel a subscription, or request a refund.

I need sales tax rates for every state, not just one!
We offer a combined package, at a discount, if you need data for every state. Just choose "All U.S. States Sales Tax Database" from the state selection dropdown.

Disclaimer and Terms
Please read the terms and conditions for a description of the data included and the disclaimer of liability. We provide this data on an as-is basis, and while we take all measures to ensure accuracy and completion we cannot be held liable for the contents of the data provided. We strongly encourage that you verify all taxation issues with the relevant local taxing jurisdictions. We provide a 100% money-back guarantee if you are dissatisfied with your order for any reason.

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