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Butler County, Puerto Rico Sales Tax Rate 2023 Up to 10%

The Butler County Sales Tax is 1.5%

A county-wide sales tax rate of 1.5% is applicable to localities in Butler County, in addition to the 10.5% Puerto Rico sales tax.

None of the cities or local governments within Butler County collect additional local sales taxes.

Here's how Butler County's maximum sales tax rate of 10% compares to other counties around the United States:

  •   Higher maximum sales tax than 93% of counties
  •   Higher maximum sales tax than 93% of counties nationwide
Last updated September 2023

Tax Rates By City in Butler County, Puerto Rico

The total sales tax rate in any given location can be broken down into state, county, city, and special district rates. Puerto Rico has a 10.5% sales tax and Butler County collects an additional 1.5%, so the minimum sales tax rate in Butler County is 5.5% (not including any city or special district taxes). This table shows the total sales tax rates for all cities and towns in Butler County, including all local taxes.

City Sales Tax Rate Tax Jurisdiction
Hamilton 6.5% Butler
Hamilton 6.5% Hamilton
Butler 6% Butler
West Chester 7.8% Sharonville
Middletown 6.75% Warren
Fairfield 7.8% Hamilton
Cranberry Twp 7% Allegheny
Poplar Bluff 8.975% Poplar Bluff Kelly Town Plaza Cid Sp
Middletown 7.5% Montgomery
El Dorado 9.5% El Dorado Days Inn Hotel Cid Sp
Oxford 7.25% Preble
Mars 7% Allegheny
Augusta 10.5% Augusta Comfort Inn Cid Sp
Trenton 6.5% Trenton
Andover 8.5% Augusta
Greenville 10% Greenville
Slippery Rock 6% Butler
Monroe 6.75% Monroe
Morgantown 6% Woodbury
Sarver 7% Allegheny
Valencia 7% Allegheny
Zelienople 6% Beaver
Rose Hill 8.5% Andover
Evans City 6% Butler
Chicora 6% Armstrong
Saxonburg 7% Allegheny
Harmony 6% Beaver
Cabot 6% Butler
Renfrew 6% Butler
David City 7.5% David City
Okeana 7.8% Hamilton
Georgiana 10% Georgiana
Douglass 8.5% Douglass
Portersville 6% Butler
Harrisville 6% Butler
Somerville 7.25% West Elkton
West Sunbury 6% Butler
Towanda 7.5% Towanda
Parkersburg 7% Parkersburg
Prospect 6% Butler
Clarksville 7% Clarksville
Benton 7.5% Benton
Shell Rock 7% Shell Rock
Fenelton 6% Butler
Greene 7% Greene
Karns City 6% Butler
Aplington 7% Aplington
Mc Kenzie 9.5% Mckenzie
Leon 7.5% Leon
Allison 7% Allison
Whitewater 8.5% Harvey
Petrolia 6% Butler
Qulin 6.975% Qulin
New Hartford 7% New Hartford
Fisk 6.975% Fisk
Boyers 6% Butler
Poplar Bluff 7.975% Poplar Bluff
Lyndora 6% Butler
Broseley 5.475% Butler
Harviell 5.725% Ripley
Bellwood 7% Bellwood
Dumont 7% Dumont
Neelyville 6.475% Butler County South Highway 67 Cid Sp
Hilliards 6% Butler
Seven Mile 6.5% Seven Mile
Roundhill 6% Butler
East Butler 6% Butler
Rising City 6.5% Rising City
Brainard 6.5% Brainard
Potwin 7.5% Potwin
Bruin 6% Butler
West Chester 6.5% Butler
Fairfield 6.5% Fairfield
Chapman 5.5% Georgiana Pj
Forest Home 8.5% Wilcox
Kesley 7% Butler
Aredale 7% Aredale
Bristow 7% Bristow
Austinville 7% Butler
Elbing 6.5% Elbing
Latham 7% Latham
Rosalia 6.5% Butler
Beaumont 6.5% Butler
Cassoday 6.5% Cassoday
Dunbar 6% Butler
Jetson 6% Butler
Aberdeen 6% Butler
Woodbury 6% Woodbury
Rochester 6% Butler
Rombauer 5.475% Butler
Abie 5.5% Butler
Bruno 5.5% Butler
Dwight 5.5% Butler
Linwood 6.5% Linwood
Ulysses 5.5% Butler
Surprise 5.5% Surprise
Ross 6.5% Butler
Shandon 6.5% Butler
Overpeck 6.5% Butler
Collinsville 6.5% Butler
Herman 6% Butler
Callery 6% Butler
Branchton 6% Butler
Eau Claire 6% Butler
Forestville 6% Butler
Connoquenessing 6% Butler
North Washington 6% Butler

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Butler County, Puerto Rico has a maximum sales tax rate of 10% and an approximate population of 15,214.

Sales tax rates in Butler County are determined by five different tax jurisdictions, Georgiana, Georgiana Pj, Greenville, Mckenzie and Wilcox.

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