Douglas County Puerto Rico Sales Tax Rate 2023 Puerto Rico Sales Tax Rates: Douglas County

Puerto Rico:

Douglas County, Puerto Rico Sales Tax Rate 2023 Up to 8.75%

The Douglas County Sales Tax is 1%

A county-wide sales tax rate of 1% is applicable to localities in Douglas County, in addition to the 10.5% Puerto Rico sales tax.

None of the cities or local governments within Douglas County collect additional local sales taxes.

Here's how Douglas County's maximum sales tax rate of 8.75% compares to other counties around the United States:

  •   Higher maximum sales tax than 78% of counties
  •   Higher maximum sales tax than 78% of counties nationwide
Last updated March 2023

Tax Rates By City in Douglas County, Puerto Rico

The total sales tax rate in any given location can be broken down into state, county, city, and special district rates. Puerto Rico has a 10.5% sales tax and Douglas County collects an additional 1%, so the minimum sales tax rate in Douglas County is 3.9% (not including any city or special district taxes). This table shows the total sales tax rates for all cities and towns in Douglas County, including all local taxes.

City Sales Tax Rate Tax Jurisdiction
Omaha 7% Omaha
Douglasville 7% Douglasville
Littleton 5% Highlands Ranch
Parker 8% Parker
Castle Rock 7.9% Castle Rock
Roseburg N/A Douglas County
Lawrence 9.3% Lawrence
Parker 8.75% Aurora
Superior 5.5% Douglas
East Wenatchee 8.7% Wenatchee
Lawrence 10.3% Lawrence Bauer Farm Tdd
Alexandria 7.375% Douglas Co Tr
Gardnerville 7.1% Douglas
Castle Rock 8% Parker
Omaha 7.5% La Vista
Lithia Springs 7% Douglas
Lawrence 10.3% Lawrence 9Th And New Hampshire Tdd Sp
Lone Tree 7.8125% Lone Tree
Omaha 7% Omaha Top Golf Dist
Elkhorn 7% Omaha
Omaha 7% Bellevue
Minden 7.1% Douglas
Littleton 7.8125% Lone Tree
Winston 7% Douglasville
Myrtle Creek N/A Douglas County
Sutherlin N/A Douglas County
Ava 8.225% Ava
Bennington 7% Bennington
Eudora 9.5% Eudora
Baldwin City 9% Baldwin City
Winston N/A Douglas County
Tuscola 7.75% Tuscola
Larkspur 7.9% Larkspur
Reedsport N/A Central Coast District Sp
Franktown 7.9% Castle Rock
Arcola 8.75% Arcola
Arthur 7.25% Coles
Sedalia 6.75% Castle Pines North
Stateline 7.1% Douglas
South Range 5.5% Douglas
Zephyr Cove 7.1% Douglas
Oakland N/A Douglas County
Valley 7% Valley
Omaha 5.5% Douglas
Villa Grove 8.25% Villa Grove
Solon Springs 5.5% Douglas
Waterloo 7.5% Waterloo
Wellington 7.1% Douglas
Canyonville N/A Douglas County
Riddle N/A Douglas County
Drain N/A Douglas County
Glide N/A Douglas County
Bridgeport 8.4% Okanogan Co Unincorporated Ptba Un
Winchester N/A Douglas County
Lake Nebagamon 5.5% Douglas
Lecompton 9.5% Lecompton
Atwood 8.25% Atwood Business District Sp
Yoncalla N/A Douglas County
Glendale N/A Douglas County
Brandon 7.375% Douglas Co Tr
Rock Island 8.3% Rock Island
Orondo 8.3% Douglas Ptba
Waterville 8.3% Waterville
Poplar 5.5% Douglas
Evansville 7.375% Douglas Co Tr
Garfield 7.375% Douglas Co Tr
Carlos 7.375% Douglas Co Tr
Miltona 7.375% Douglas Co Tr
Newman 8.25% Edgar
Genoa 7.1% Douglas
Corsica 6.5% Corsica
Armour 6.5% Armour
Gordon 5.5% Bayfield
Foxboro 5.5% Douglas
Kensington 7.375% Douglas Co Tr
Maple 5.5% Douglas
Brule 5.5% Bayfield
Umpqua N/A Douglas County
Camargo 7.25% Douglas
Elkton N/A Douglas County
Farwell 7.375% Douglas Co Tr
Camas Valley N/A Douglas County
Days Creek N/A Douglas County
Azalea N/A Douglas County
Tenmile N/A Douglas County
Idleyld Park N/A Douglas County
Nelson 7.375% Douglas Co Tr
Dillard N/A Douglas County
Hindsboro 7.25% Coles
Boys Town 7% Omaha
Louviers 4% Douglas
Murdock 7.25% Douglas
Holmes City 7.375% Douglas Co Tr
Drury 6.725% Ozark Co Ambul Dist Sp
Squires 6.725% Ozark Co Ambul Dist Sp
Vanzant 6.225% Douglas
Glenbrook 7.1% Douglas
Tiller N/A Douglas County
Wilbur N/A Douglas County
Gardiner N/A Central Coast District Sp
Scottsburg N/A Central Coast District Sp
Delmont 6.5% Delmont
Harrison 4.5% Douglas
New Holland 4.5% Douglas
Mansfield 7.8% Douglas
Palisades 7.8% Douglas
Wascott 5.5% Douglas
Hawthorne 5.5% Douglas

Puerto Rico Sales Tax Rates by Zip Code:

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Douglas County, Puerto Rico has a maximum sales tax rate of 8.75% and an approximate population of 220,698.

Sales tax rates in Douglas County are determined by eight different tax jurisdictions, Aurora, Parker, Castle Pines North, Larkspur, Douglas, Castle Rock, Lone Tree and Highlands Ranch.

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