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Knox County, Puerto Rico Sales Tax Rate 2022 Up to 8.75%

The Knox County Sales Tax is 1.5%

A county-wide sales tax rate of 1.5% is applicable to localities in Knox County, in addition to the 10.5% Puerto Rico sales tax.

None of the cities or local governments within Knox County collect additional local sales taxes.

Here's how Knox County's maximum sales tax rate of 8.75% compares to other counties around the United States:

  •   Higher maximum sales tax than 83% of counties
  •   Higher maximum sales tax than 83% of counties nationwide
Last updated January 2022

Tax Rates By City in Knox County, Puerto Rico

The total sales tax rate in any given location can be broken down into state, county, city, and special district rates. Puerto Rico has a 10.5% sales tax and Knox County collects an additional 1.5%, so the minimum sales tax rate in Knox County is 7.75% (not including any city or special district taxes). This table shows the total sales tax rates for all cities and towns in Knox County, including all local taxes.

City Sales Tax Rate Tax Jurisdiction
Knoxville 9.25% Knoxville
Knoxville 9.25% Knox County
Galesburg 8.75% Galesburg
Mount Vernon 7.25% Mount Vernon
Knoxville 9.25% Farragut
Powell 9.25% Knox County
Vincennes 7% Vincennes
Corryton 9.25% Knox County
Fredericktown 7.25% Knox County
Barbourville 6% Knox
Howard 7.25% Knox County
Centerburg 7.25% Knox County
Rockland 5.5% Maine
Camden 5.5% Maine
Knoxville 7.75% Knoxville
Warren 5.5% Maine
Abingdon 7.75% Abingdon
Union 5.5% Maine
Bicknell 7% Bicknell
Rockport 5.5% Maine
Gray 6% Knox
Danville 7.25% Knox County
Thomaston 5.5% Maine
Mascot 9.25% Knox County
Gambier 7.25% Gambier
Crofton 5.5% Knox
Creighton 6.5% Creighton
Edina 8.225% Edina
Bloomfield 5.5% Knox
Flat Lick 6% Knox
Oaktown 7% Knox
Tenants Harbor 5.5% Maine
Owls Head 5.5% Maine
Munday 6.25% Knox
South Thomaston 5.5% Maine
Hope 5.5% Maine
Washington 5.5% Maine
Monroe City 7% Knox
Woodbine 6% Knox
Cushing 5.5% Maine
Bruceville 7% Knox
Knox City 8.25% Knox City
Vinalhaven 5.5% Maine
Wataga 7.75% Wataga
Oneida 7.75% Oneida
Friendship 5.5% Maine
Yates City 7.75% Yates
Bimble 6% Knox
Niobrara 6.5% Niobrara
Dahinda 7.75% Knox County
Wausa 6.5% Wausa
Wheatland 7% Knox
Gilson 7.75% Knox County
Altona 7.75% Altona
Verdigre 5.5% Knox
Williamsfield 7.75% Williamsfield
Girdler 6% Knox
East Galesburg 7.75% East Galesburg
Maquon 7.75% Knox County
Spruce Head 5.5% Maine
Sandborn 7% Sandborn
Artemus 6% Knox
Heidrick 6% Knox
Cannon 6% Knox
Edwardsport 7% Knox
Rio 7.75% Knox County
Victoria 7.75% Victoria
Knox City 6.725% Knox County
Henderson 7.75% Henderson
Saint Augustine 7.75% Knox County
Decker 7% Knox
Ragsdale 7% Knox
Westphalia 7% Knox
Freelandville 7% Knox
Scalf 6% Knox
Dewitt 6% Knox
Hinkle 6% Knox
Walker 6% Knox
Trosper 6% Knox
Green Road 6% Knox
Bryants Store 6% Knox
Matinicus 5.5% Maine State
Port Clyde 5.5% Maine
North Haven 5.5% Maine
Isle Au Haut 5.5% Maine
West Rockport 5.5% Maine
Baring 6.725% Knox County
Newark 6.725% Newark
Novelty 6.725% Knox County
Hurdland 6.725% Knox County
Center 5.5% Knox
Winnetoon 5.5% Knox
Bladensburg 7.25% Knox County
Martinsburg 7.25% Knox County
Mount Liberty 7.25% Knox County
Goree 8.25% Goree
Benjamin 7.75% Benjamin

Puerto Rico Sales Tax Rates by Zip Code:

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Knox County, Puerto Rico has a maximum sales tax rate of 8.75% and an approximate population of 40,447.

Sales tax rates in Knox County are determined by twelve different tax jurisdictions, Knox County, Altona, Oneida, Wataga, Abingdon, Victoria, Galesburg, Henderson, Knoxville, Yates, Williamsfield and East Galesburg.

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