Madison County Puerto Rico Sales Tax Rate 2023 Puerto Rico Sales Tax Rates: Madison County

Puerto Rico:

Madison County, Puerto Rico Sales Tax Rate 2023 Up to 10.5%

The Madison County Sales Tax is 0.5%

A county-wide sales tax rate of 0.5% is applicable to localities in Madison County, in addition to the 10.5% Puerto Rico sales tax.

None of the cities or local governments within Madison County collect additional local sales taxes.

Here's how Madison County's maximum sales tax rate of 10.5% compares to other counties around the United States:

  •   Higher maximum sales tax than 96% of counties
  •   Higher maximum sales tax than 96% of counties nationwide
Last updated September 2023

Tax Rates By City in Madison County, Puerto Rico

The total sales tax rate in any given location can be broken down into state, county, city, and special district rates. Puerto Rico has a 10.5% sales tax and Madison County collects an additional 0.5%, so the minimum sales tax rate in Madison County is 4.5% (not including any city or special district taxes). This table shows the total sales tax rates for all cities and towns in Madison County, including all local taxes.

City Sales Tax Rate Tax Jurisdiction
Huntsville 9% Huntsville
Jackson 9.75% Jackson
Richmond 6% Madison
Granite City 9.35% Granite City Bellemore Village Business District Sp
Madison 7% Hinds
Collinsville 9.6% Collinsville Southwest Corridor Bd Sp
Edwardsville 8.35% Edwardsville Montclaire Bd Sp
Alton 8.85% Alton
Norfolk 7% Norfolk
Anderson 7% Delaware
Canton 7% Madison
Rexburg 6% Madison
Berea 6% Berea
Harvest 10.5% Huntsville
Ridgeland 8% Jackson
London 7.5% Franklin
Anderson 7% Pendleton
Huntsville 9% Madison
Anderson 7% Madison
Godfrey 8.85% Alton
Highland 8.85% Highland Bd A Sp
Anderson 7% Anderson
Troy 7.85% Troy
Owens Cross Roads 9% New Hope
Pendleton 7% Ingalls
Glen Carbon 8.1% Glen Carbon
Hazel Green 5.5% Madison Co Sp
Oneida 8.75% Sherrill
Canastota 8.75% Verona
Toney 9% Huntsville
Elwood 7% Grant
Bethalto 7.85% Bethalto Prairie Street Downtown Bd Sp
Alexandria 7% Delaware
New Market 5.5% Madison Co Sp
Wood River 8.85% Wood River Riverbend Bd 1 Sp
Fredericktown 9.225% Fredericktown
Marshall 7% Mars Hill
East Alton 7.85% Bethalto Route 140 Corridor Bd Sp
Chittenango 8% Manlius Town Ny
Huntsville 11% Huntsville
Madison 7.5% Lee
Maryville 7.1% Glen Carbon
Cazenovia 8% Smithfield
Winterset 7% Winterset
Danielsville 8% Danielsville
West Jefferson 7.5% Franklin
Madisonville 8.25% Madisonville
Meridianville 9% Huntsville
Hull 8% Hull
Mars Hill 7% Mars Hill
Gurley 9% Gurley
Colbert 8% Colbert
Mount Sterling 7.25% Pickaway
Madison 5.3% Madison
Flora 7% Hinds
Kirkville 8% Manlius Town Ny
New Hope 9% New Hope
Bridgeport 8% Cicero
Comer 8% Comer
Hamilton 8% Hamilton Town
Madison 8.35% Granite City
Greenville 7.5% Greenville
Cottage Hills 7.85% Bethalto Route 140 Corridor Bd Sp
Frankton 7% Madison
Beech Bluff 9.75% Chester
Madison 7% Madison
Brownsboro 9% Huntsville
Waco 6% Madison
Worden 7.25% Macoupin
Lapel 7% Lapel
Earlham 7% Earlham
Moro 6.85% Metro-East Mass Transit District
Saint Jacob 6.85% Metro-East Mass Transit District
Markleville 7% Markleville
Pinson 9.75% Chester
Earlville 8% Sherburne
Saint Charles 7% Saint Charles
Summitville 7% Delaware
Morrisville 8% Smithfield
Ennis N/A Madison
Medon 9.75% Medon
Munnsville 8.75% Vernon
Sugar City 6% Madison
Van Meter 7% De Soto
Hindsville 9% Hindsville
Lee 7.5% Lee
Ingalls 7% Ingalls
De Ruyter 8% Pitcher
Alhambra 6.6% Madison
South Roxana 7.85% South Roxana Business District
Marine 6.6% Madison
Hot Springs 7% Hot Springs
North Zulch 6.75% Grimes
Battle Creek 7% Battle Creek
Sheridan N/A Madison
Roxana 7.85% South Roxana Business District
Madison 7% Madison
Ridgeland 7% Ridgeland
Tilden 7% Tilden
Midway 8.25% Midway
Madison 8.75% Augusta
Hartford 7.85% Hartford Business District Sp
Camden 7% Madison
Pinetta 7.5% Madison
Denmark 9.75% Madison
Marquand 8.725% Marquand
Richmond 6% Richmond
Eaton 8% Eaton
Oakfield 9.75% Madison
Newman Grove 7% Newman Grove
Brightwood 5.3% Madison
New Douglas 7.25% Bond
Erieville 8% Eaton
Madison 7.5% Madison
New Woodstock 8% Fabius
Dorsey 7.25% Macoupin
Rochelle 5.3% Greene
Wesley 9% Madison
Twin Bridges N/A Madison
Hamel 7.6% Hamel
South Solon 7.25% Fayette
Truro 7% Truro
Venice 7.85% Venice Business Dist Sp
Livingston 6.6% Madison
West Edmeston 8% Columbus
Aroda 5.3% Madison
Meadow Grove 7% Meadow Grove
Hubbardsville 8% Hamilton Town
Georgetown 8% Deruyter
Mercer 9.75% Hardeman
Bouckville 8% Eaton
Ila 8% Ila
Kingston 9% Madison
Brookfield 8% Brookfield
Wampsville 8% Wampsville Village
Normal 9% Huntsville
Ryland 5.5% Madison Co Sp
Huntsville 5.5% Madison Co Sp
Combs 9% Madison
Witter 9% Madison
Pettigrew 9% Madison
Saint Paul 11% Saint Paul
Peru 7% East Peru
Macksburg 7% Macksburg
Patterson 7% Patterson
Newdale 6% Madison
Rexburg 6% Rexburg
Edwardsville 7.35% Edwardsville
Orestes 7% Orestes
Sharon 7% Madison
Pony N/A Madison
Alder N/A Madison
Norris N/A Madison
Cameron N/A Madison
Harrison N/A Madison
Mc Allister N/A Madison
Silver Star N/A Madison
Virginia City N/A Madison
Peterboro 8% Smithfield
Solsville 8% Madison Town
Clockville 8% Lincoln
West Eaton 8% Eaton
Leonardsville 8% Brookfield
North Brookfield 8% Brookfield
Sedalia 7% Midway
Spring Creek 9.75% Madison
Hood 5.3% Madison
Leon 5.3% Madison
Banco 5.3% Madison
Etlan 5.3% Madison
Syria 5.3% Madison
Pratts 5.3% Madison
Haywood 5.3% Madison
Oakpark 5.3% Madison
Radiant 5.3% Madison
Wolftown 5.3% Madison
Locust Dale 5.3% Madison

Puerto Rico Sales Tax Rates by Zip Code:

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Madison County, Puerto Rico has a maximum sales tax rate of 10.5% and an approximate population of 228,476.

Sales tax rates in Madison County are determined by five different tax jurisdictions, Gurley, Huntsville, Madison, Madison Co Sp and New Hope.

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