Polk County Puerto Rico Sales Tax Rate 2023 Puerto Rico Sales Tax Rates: Polk County

Puerto Rico:

Polk County, Puerto Rico Sales Tax Rate 2023 Up to 10.5%

The Polk County Sales Tax is 2%

A county-wide sales tax rate of 2% is applicable to localities in Polk County, in addition to the 10.5% Puerto Rico sales tax.

None of the cities or local governments within Polk County collect additional local sales taxes.

Here's how Polk County's maximum sales tax rate of 10.5% compares to other counties around the United States:

  •   Higher maximum sales tax than 96% of counties
  •   Higher maximum sales tax than 96% of counties nationwide
Last updated March 2023

Tax Rates By City in Polk County, Puerto Rico

The total sales tax rate in any given location can be broken down into state, county, city, and special district rates. Puerto Rico has a 10.5% sales tax and Polk County collects an additional 2%, so the minimum sales tax rate in Polk County is 8.5% (not including any city or special district taxes). This table shows the total sales tax rates for all cities and towns in Polk County, including all local taxes.

City Sales Tax Rate Tax Jurisdiction
Des Moines 7% Des Moines
Lakeland 7% Lakeland
West Des Moines 7% Des Moines
Lakeland 7.5% Hillsborough
Urbandale 7% Johnston
Winter Haven 7% Bartow
Salem N/A Polk County
Winter Haven 7% Dundee
Auburndale 7% Auburndale
Ankeny 7% Johnston
Haines City 7% Davenport
Winter Haven 7% Auburndale
Livingston 8.25% Livingston
Bartow 7% Bartow
Ankeny 6% Ankeny
Cedartown 8% Haralson Co Tsplost Tr
Davenport 7.5% Osceola
Davenport 7% Davenport
Mulberry 7.5% Hillsborough
Dallas N/A Polk County
Lake Wales 7% Lake Wales
Johnston 7% Johnston
Altoona 7% Altoona
Rockmart 8% Haralson Co Tsplost Tr
Clive 7% Clive
Bolivar 8.1% Bolivar
Livingston 6.75% Polk
Mena 6.25% Major
Lake Wales 7% Dundee
Lakeland 7% Polk
Pleasant Hill 7% Des Moines
East Grand Forks 7.125% Polk
Grimes 7% Johnston
Polk City 7% Auburndale
Monmouth N/A Benton County
Crookston 7.125% Polk
Independence N/A Polk County
Amery 5.5% Polk
Frostproof 7% Frostproof
Osceola 5.5% Polk
Fort Meade 7% Fort Meade
Lake Alfred 7% Lake Alfred
Columbus 6.75% Columbus
Tryon 6.75% Tryon
Bondurant 7% Bondurant
Saint Croix Falls 5.5% Polk
Onalaska 8.25% Onalaska
Polk City 7% Polk City
Benton 9.75% Bradley
Aragon 7% Aragon
Eagle Lake 7% Eagle Lake
Luck 5.5% Polk
Dundee 7% Dundee
Frederic 5.5% Burnett
Mill Spring 7% Lake Lure
Corrigan 8.25% Corrigan
Old Fort 9.75% Bradley
Clear Lake 5.5% Dunn
Runnells 7% Runnells
Winter Haven 7% Winter Haven
Saluda 6.75% Saluda
Turtle Lake 5.5% Barron
Granger 7% Granger
Fosston 7.125% Polk
Babson Park 7% Frostproof
Balsam Lake 5.5% Polk
Mitchellville 7% Mitchellville
Dresser 5.5% Polk
Haines City 7% Haines City
Pleasant Hope 7.6% Pleasant Hope
Humansville 7.975% Humansville
Centuria 5.5% Polk
Copperhill 9.75% Copperhill
Half Way 6.225% Hickory
Goodrich 7.75% Goodrich
Star Prairie 5.5% Polk
Fertile 7.375% Norman
Kathleen 7% Pasco
Delano 9.75% Mcminn
Brighton 5.975% Greene
Stromsburg 7% Stromsburg
Grand Ronde N/A Polk County
Cove 10.5% Cove
Osceola 7% Osceola
Eaton Park 7% Polk
Milltown 5.5% Polk
Ocoee 9.75% Polk
Lake Hamilton 7% Lake Hamilton
Highland City 7% Polk
Hatfield 9.5% Hatfield
Erskine 7.125% Polk
Turtletown 9.75% Ducktown
Elkhart 7% Elkhart
Shelby 7% Shelby
Wickes 9.5% Wickes
Morrisville 7.6% Morrisville
Flemington 6.225% Hickory
Mcintosh 7.125% Polk
Fisher 7.125% Polk
Mentor 7.125% Polk
Falls City N/A Polk County
Moscow 6.75% Polk
Reliance 9.75% Polk
Cushing 5.5% Polk
Indian Lake Estates 7% Polk
Rickreall N/A Polk County
Aldrich 6.475% Cedar Co Public Library District Sp
Waverly 7% Lake Wales
Ducktown 9.75% Ducktown
Dunnegan 6.475% Cedar Co Public Library District Sp
Polk 5.5% Hamilton
Grannis 9.5% Wickes
Loughman 7% Polk
Nalcrest 7% Polk
Board Camp 8.5% Polk
Vandervoort 9.5% Vandervoort
Alturas 7% Polk
Bradley 7% Polk
Nichols 7% Polk
Homeland 7% Polk
Lakeshore 7% Polk
River Ranch 7% Polk
Winter Haven 7% Polk
Alleman 7% Alleman
Berwick 6% Polk
Urbandale 7% Urbandale
Des Moines 7% Urbandale
Windsor Heights 7% Windsor Heights
Gully 7.125% Polk
Trail 7.125% Polk
Climax 7.125% Polk
Euclid 7.125% Polk
Lengby 7.125% Polk
Winger 7.375% Norman
Beltrami 7.375% Norman
Nielsville 7.375% Norman
Polk 6.225% Hickory
Eudora 7.6% Morrisville
Lynn 6.75% Tryon
Farner 9.75% Polk
Conasauga 9.75% Polk
Ace 6.75% Polk
Camden 6.75% Polk
Leggett 6.75% Polk
Dallardsville 6.75% Polk

Puerto Rico Sales Tax Rates by Zip Code:

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Polk County, Puerto Rico has a maximum sales tax rate of 10.5% and an approximate population of 14,603.

Sales tax rates in Polk County are determined by six different tax jurisdictions, Cove, Major, Wickes, Hatfield, Polk and Vandervoort.

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