Missouri: Marijuana Tax Handbook


Missouri Marijuana Tax Rate

Sales Tax Medical Excise Tax Medical Max Medical Tax Sales Tax Recreational Excise Tax Recreational Max Recreational Tax
4.00% N/A 4.00% N/A N/A N/A

2024 Missouri Marijuana Tax Handbook

Missouri patients are required to pay a 4.00% sales tax on every purchase of medical marijuana. There is no additional excise tax on medical marijuana in Missouri.

Recreational marijuana is illegal in Missouri, so there are no taxes for it.

About Missouri Marijuana Tax

What is the most recent revenue statistic for Missouri?

Approximately $6 million since Oct. 2020.

The Department of Health can retain no more than 5% of revenues for its actual collection costs. All other tax revenues are paid to the Missouri Veterans’ Health and Care Fund for operations, maintenance and capital improvements of Missouri veterans homes and other services for veterans

Is the Missouri Marijuana Tax Weight-Based or Percentage-of-price-Based?

Missouri's marijuana program uses a Percentage-of-price tax system. This means that the tax charged is calculated using the retail price of the Marijuana at the time of purchase.

Does Missouri have a Controlled Substances Tax?

Missouri does not have a Controlled Substances tax involving Marijuana.

How do Missouri's marijuana taxes compare to the states around it?


Note: It is illegal to transport marijuana accross state lines.

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