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2024 Alaska Medical Marijuana Handbook

Is medical marijuana legal in Alaska?

Yes, medical marijuana is legal in Alaska

When and how did Alaska legalize marijuana for medical use?

Alaska legalized medical marijuana in 1998. This law was passed using Ballot Measure 8 and passed with a vote of 58%. The official name for this law is the Statute Title 17, Chapter 37

Alaska Medical Marijuana possession limits


  • 1 oz.


  • 3 mature plants or 6 immature plants

Is it legal to grow marijuana for medicinal use at home in Alaska?

Yes, medical marijuana patients are allowed to grow marijuana for medicinal use.

Are there medical dispensaries available to patients?

Yes, as long as the patient presents the appropriate documentation for Alaska.

Is there a list of specific conditions for medical marijuana in Alaska?

Does Alaska have a medical registry system or ID card?

Yes, Alaska keeps track of their medical marijuna patients.

Does Alaska recognize patients from other states?

No, Alaska does not recognize patients from any state.

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