Connecticut Free Printable Resale Exemption Certificate for 2021 Connecticut Resale Exemption Certificate

A sales tax exemption certificate can be used by businesses (or in some cases, individuals) who are making purchases that are exempt from the Connecticut sales tax. You can download a PDF of the Connecticut Resale Exemption Certificate (Form CERT-100) on this page. For other Connecticut sales tax exemption certificates, go here.

Retailers purchasing goods for resale are not subject to Connecticut's sales tax. Such retailers are supposed to submit resale exemption certificates to the sellers. It is the seller's responsibility to keep this certificate as proof of tax-exempt status.

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Resale Exemption Certificate
Document Title: CT Resale Certificate

STATE OF CONNECTICUT DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE SERVICES SALES & USE TAX RESALE CERTIFICATE Address Issued to (Seller) I certify that is engaged as a registered Name of Firm (Buyer) ( ( ( ( ( Street Address or P.O. Box No. City State ) Wholesaler ) Retailer ) Manufacturer ) Lessor ) Other (specify) Zip and is registered with the below listed states and cities within which your firm would deliver purchases to us and that any such purchases are for wholesale, resale, ingredients or components of a new product to be resold, leased, or rented in the normal course of our business. We are in the business of wholesaling, retailing, manufacturing, leasing (renting) the following: City or State State Registration or I.D. No. City or State State Registration or I.D. No. City or State State Registration or I.D. No. City or State State Registration Or I.D. No. City or State State Registration or I.D. No. City or State State Registration or I.D. No. I further certify that if any property so purchased tax free is used or consumed by the firm as to make it subject to a sales or use tax we will pay the tax due direct to the proper taxing authority when state law so provides or inform the seller for added tax billing. This certificate shall be part of each order which we may hereafter give to you, unless otherwise specified, and shall be valid until canceled by us in writing or revoked by the city or state. General description of products to be purchased from the seller: I declare under the penalties of false statement that this certificate has been examined by me and to the best of my knowledge and belief is a true, correct and complete certificate. Authorized Signature (Owner, Partner or Corporate Officer) Title Date

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More about the Connecticut Resale Exemption Certificate

This ia a Resale Certificate, which is a special type of sales tax exemption certificate intended for use by businesses or individuals who are purchasing goods which will be resold. Since sales taxes are meant to be paid by the end consumer of the goods, resellers and dealers are allowed to purchase their inventory of goods for resale tax-free.

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CERT-101 Machinery, Component Parts, and Replacement and Repair Parts of Machinery Used Directly in a Manufacturing Process
CERT-119 Purchases of Tangible Personal Property and Services by Qualifying Exempt Organizations
CERT-134 Exempt Purchases by Qualifying Governmental Agencies
CERT-141 Contractor's Exempt Purchase Certificate

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