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Kansas Sales Tax Exemption / Resale Forms 4 PDFs

If you are a retailer making purchases for resale, or need to make a purchase that is exempt from the Kansas sales tax, you need the appropriate Kansas sales tax exemption certificate before you can begin making tax-free purchases. This page explains how to make tax-free purchases in Kansas, and lists four Kansas sales tax exemption forms available for download.

Printable Kansas Exemption Certificates

We have four Kansas sales tax exemption forms available for you to print or save as a PDF file. If any of these links are broken, or you can't find the form you need, please let us know. You can find resale certificates for other states here.

Streamlined Sales Tax Certificate of Exemption Download Now
Streamlined Sales Tax Certificate of Exemption (Multistate) Download Now
Sales Tax Exemption on Utilities Download Now
Contractor Retailer Exemption Download Now

Kansas allows the use of uniform sales tax exemption certificates, which are general exemption certificates that can be used across multiple states. You can find more info about these uniform certificates at the bottom of this page.

How to use sales tax exemption certificates in Kansas

A sales tax exemption certificate is a form you can fill out yourself certifying that you meet the qualifications outlined for making sales-tax-free purchases. You will need to present this certificate to the vendor from whom you are making the exempt purchase - it is up to the vendor to verify that you are indeed qualified to make a tax-exempt purchase.

The state of Kansas provides several forms to be used when you wish to purchase tax-exempt items, such as some farm equipment and recycling equipment.

The " Agricultural Exemption Certificate" should be utilized pertaining to items which have been utilized in the process of agricultural activities. Specifically, this applies to any items which have been consumed in the production, any components or ingredients, any propane used in the process, or any purchases pertaining to the agricultural machinery or equipment .

The " Clean Drinking Water Fee Exemption Certificate" is intended for use by a groundwater management district organized or operating under the authority of K.S.A, or a water supply district organized or operating under the authority of K.S.A.

The "Resale Exemption Certificate" is intended to be used when purchasing an item or service which will subsequently be resold.

The "Retailer/Contractor Exemption Certificate" is intended for use by repairmen, contractors, or subcontractors when purchasing material inventory.

The " U. S. Government, Federal Agency or Instrumentality Exemption Certificate" should be used by any branch or agency of the U.S. government when making certain purchases.

The "Warehouse Machinery and Equipment Certificate" should be utilized when purchasing some types of machinery and equipment.

The full list of downloadable exemption certificates may be viewed on this page.

To apply the certificate, the buyer must first present the seller with their written certificate, which legally documents the exemption. The certificate should include the date it was created, the signature of the buyer or an employee or agent who signed on behalf of the buyer, both the seller's and buyer's addresses and names, the legal basis of the exemption being utilized, the buyer's tax registration or business license number, and a description of the merchandise that the buyer wishes to purchase.

How long is my Kansas sales tax exemption certificate good for?

Most exemption certificates are usually infinitely valid, so long as there is a continuing business relationship between the buyer and seller, where a maximum of 12 months elapses between sales. Exemption certificates intended for tax-exempt entities have pre-arranged expiration dates.

Can I use a blanket resale exemption certificate in Kansas?

Kansas does permit the use of a blanket resale certificate, which means a single certificate on file with the vendor can be re-used for all exempt purchases made from that vendor. A new certificate does not need to be made for each transaction.

Acceptance of uniform sales tax certificates in Kansas

Kansas is a member of the Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement, an interstate consortium with the goal of making compliance with sales taxes as simple as possible in member states.

Because Kansas is a member of this agreement, buyers can use the Multistate Tax Commission (MTC) Uniform Sales Tax Certificate when making qualifying sales-tax-exempt purchases from vendors in Kansas.

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