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New Mexico Sales Tax Holiday Calendar

A sales tax holiday is an annual event during which the New Mexico Tax Compliance Bureau allows certain items to be purchased sales-tax-free at any participating retailer within the state.

New Mexico allows you to purchase the following items tax-free during their annual sales tax holidays: $30 worth of school supplies, $00 in clothing, $500 in computer equipment, and $1,000 worth of computers.

You can learn more about New Mexico's sales tax holiday program by visitig the New Mexico Gross Receipts & Compensating Taxes: An Overview (See page 21) website, or calling the New Mexico Tax Compliance Bureau's informational hotline at (505) 827-0700 .

August 7-9

Back-To-School Sales Tax Holiday

New Mexico has had an annual "Back To School" sales tax holiday since 2005. This tax holiday is meant to help parents save money when purchasing common back-to-school supplies for their children.

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