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How to get a Texas Sales Tax Permit

In Texas, most businesses are required to have a sales tax permit. This means that, if you are considering opening a new business or are beginning to make sales in Texas for the first time, you will need to determine your business' permit requirements. The good news is that you can get a Texas Sales Tax Permit and be ready to do business 2-3 weeks after you submit your application. This guide will help you learn how!

Who needs a Texas Sales Tax Permit?

You must register for a Texas Sales Tax License if your business fulfills the following requirements:

  • You are an individual, partnership, corporation or organization engaged in business in Texas; AND
  • You are selling tangible personal property or providing taxable services in Texas to customers in Texas; AND/OR
  • You acquire tangible personal property or taxable services from out-of-state suppliers that do not hold a Texas permit;
You are considered "engaged in business " if you have a physical nexus in Texas, which can include any physical infrastructure, facilities, or personnel within the state.

Businesses with a taxable presence within Texas are considered to have sales tax nexus within the state. For more details on what constitutes a taxable presence, see sales tax nexus in Texas.

How to get a Texas Sales Tax Permit:

Texas strongly recommends that all new businesses file for ther sales tax permits through the Texas Comptroller's online tax registration application (although a paper application is also available). You can add new locations and modify your account through the online interface, and make payments through the Texas WebFile portal.

If you have questions about how to register your business, please contact your nearest Texas State Comptroller's office,
or call 1-800-252-5555 or 512-463-4600.

You need the following information to apply for a Texas Sales Tax Permit:

Sole owner's social security number.,
Partnership social security numbers or federal employer's identification numbers for each partner.,
Texas corporation's file number from the Texas Secretary of State.,
All corporations' social security numbers for each officer or director.,
North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) code required for all businesses.,
Applicants must be at least 18 years of age. Parents/legal guardians may apply for a permit on behalf of a minor.


Texas Sales Tax Permit Application Fee, Turnaround Time, and Renewal Info

You will need to pay an application fee when you apply for a Texas Sales Tax Permit, and you will receive your permit 2-3 weeks after filing your application.

Application Fee: FREE

Turnaround Time: 2-3 weeks

Permit Renewals: No Renewals Needed


Apply For Your Texas Sales Tax Permit Now:

Get Your Texas Sales Tax Permit Online

You can easily acquire your Texas Sales Tax Permit online using the Texas Online Tax Registration Application website. If you have quetions about the online permit application process, you can contact the Comptroller of Public Accounts via the sales tax permit hotline (800) 252-5555 or by checking the permit info website .

Apply Online Now with Texas Online Tax Registration Application

Offline Texas Sales Tax Permit Application Form

While generally slower than applying online, you can apply for a Texas Sales Tax Permit for your business offline using Form AP-201, the "Application for Sales and Use Tax Permit". Form AP-201 can be downloaded from the Comptroller of Public Accounts here .

Mail Completed Form AP-201 To:

Comptroller of Public Accounts
111 E. 17th St.
Austin, TX 78774-0100

What's Next? Now that you know how to apply for your Texas Sales Tax Permit, learn how to collect and remit the Texas sales tax.

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